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Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition

$319.00 - $349.00
Grade: Certified Pre-Owned
Color: Gears 5 Limited Edition
Storage: 1TB (Console Only)
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Brand: Microsoft
Gears 5 Limited Edition
Regular price $319.00
Regular price $0.00 Sale price $319.00

The Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition is a special variant of the Xbox One X gaming console, designed in collaboration with the critically acclaimed video game, Gears 5. This limited edition console celebrates the Gears of War franchise with a unique design and exclusive Gears 5 content, making it a must-have for fans of the game and collectors alike. With its enhanced storage capacity, native 4K gaming, and cutting-edge gaming capabilities, this limited edition bundle offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Gears 5 Design: The Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition showcases a distinctive design inspired by the gritty and intense world of Gears 5, featuring the COG insignia, Locust symbol, and a dark translucent casing, making it a visually striking and unique console.
  • 1TB Storage Capacity: With a generous 1TB internal hard drive, you'll have ample space to store your favorite games, downloadable content, and multimedia files.
  • Native 4K Gaming: Experience true 4K gaming with the Xbox One X, delivering incredibly sharp and detailed visuals on compatible 4K displays for the ultimate visual experience.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support: Enjoy enhanced color depth and contrast with HDR support, providing more vibrant and realistic visuals in supported games and content.
  • Gears 5 Game Included: The bundle comes with a full game download of Gears 5, immersing you in the epic and action-packed world of the Gears of War series.
  • Xbox Game Pass: Gain access to the Xbox Game Pass library, offering an extensive collection of games for unlimited play, ensuring you always have something new to enjoy.
  • Xbox Live Gold: Join the Xbox Live Gold community to access online multiplayer gaming and receive free monthly games as part of the subscription.
  • Spatial Audio: The Xbox One X supports spatial audio technologies, providing a more immersive and three-dimensional audio experience in compatible games.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray: Enjoy 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback capabilities on the Xbox One X, allowing you to watch your favorite movies and shows in stunning detail.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connect the Xbox One X to your network wirelessly via built-in Wi-Fi, and pair controllers easily with Bluetooth technology.

Technical Specifications: The technical specifications for the Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition are the same as those for the standard Xbox One X 1TB model. Refer to the "Technical Specifications" section in the previous product information for details.

In the Box:

  • Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition Console
  • Xbox Wireless Controller with Gears 5 Limited Edition design
  • Full game download of Gears 5
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cable

The Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition is a collector's dream, offering a powerful gaming console with an exclusive design that pays tribute to the intense and action-packed world of Gears 5. With its generous storage capacity, native 4K gaming, and inclusion of the full game download of Gears 5, this limited edition bundle provides an immersive and captivating gaming experience. Whether you're a devoted fan of the Gears of War series or simply appreciate extraordinary gaming consoles, the Xbox One X 1TB - Gears 5 Limited Edition is sure to be a prized addition to your gaming setup. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of Gears 5 with this extraordinary limited edition console.