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Apple - Studio Display - Standard Glass Tilt Adjustable

$1,499.00 - $1,699.00
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Regular price $1,499.00
Regular price $0.00 Sale price $1,499.00

Overview: The Apple Studio Display with Standard Glass Tilt Adjustable is a premium monitor designed to provide exceptional visual quality and ergonomic flexibility. This display is engineered to meet the demands of creative professionals, offering precise color reproduction and customizable viewing angles.

Key Features:

  • Premium Visual Quality: The Studio Display features a high-resolution screen that delivers sharp images, vibrant colors, and deep contrasts, ensuring your creative work is displayed with remarkable clarity and accuracy.

  • Tilt Adjustable Stand: The built-in stand allows you to easily adjust the tilt angle of the display, providing ergonomic comfort for extended use. Find the perfect viewing position for your workspace, whether you're designing, editing, or simply enjoying multimedia.

  • Color Accuracy: Designed for color-critical tasks, the Studio Display is calibrated to industry-standard color spaces, ensuring accurate and consistent color reproduction. This makes it an ideal choice for graphic designers, photographers, and video editors.

  • Compatibility: The display is designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple devices, offering compatibility with Mac computers and laptops. Connect your devices using various ports for a hassle-free experience.

  • Sleek Design: The Studio Display features Apple's signature minimalist design, with a slim profile and clean lines that enhance the aesthetics of any workspace.

  • Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with a range of connectivity options, including USB, Thunderbolt, and HDMI ports, the display enables you to connect your peripherals, external storage, and other devices easily.

Technical Specifications:

  • Display Size: Available in various sizes (e.g., 24-inch, 27-inch)
  • Resolution: High-resolution screen for detailed imagery
  • Tilt Adjustability: Ergonomically adjustable tilt stand for customized viewing angles
  • Color Accuracy: Calibrated to industry-standard color spaces
  • Connectivity: Various ports including USB, Thunderbolt, and HDMI
  • Compatibility: Designed for Mac computers and laptops
  • Design: Minimalist and sleek design that complements any workspace

In the Box:

  • Apple Studio Display
  • Tilt Adjustable Stand
  • Power Cable
  • Connectivity Cables (depending on the model)

The Apple Studio Display with Standard Glass Tilt Adjustable is an exceptional choice for professionals who demand both superior visual quality and ergonomic comfort. Whether you're creating intricate designs or immersing yourself in multimedia content, this display offers a premium experience that elevates your work and entertainment to new heights.